Anita is passionate about supporting you through situations that can be tough to do on your own.

Supporting you through an ADHD Diagnosis

Getting an ADHD diagnosis as an adult is not an easy task. Even more so for women. It requires time, it requires paperwork, it requires coordination. And these things do not come easily to someone with ADHD. Especially a woman, who is probably already juggling everyone else's schedules and paperwork, so is already at burnout level before the process can even get started.

Over and above all of that, there is a voice inside us, telling us that you probably don't have ADHD.

You're just disorganised, tired, overworked etc and if only you did this or did that you could get your life back on track. You're either trying to convince yourself that you don't have it or trying to convince a health professional that you have it. Regardless, you're always trying to convince someone of something. It's exhausting, anxiety inducing and it is all just too hard.

So you do nothing. And the symptoms just keep getting worse and worse.

This is where I can help.

Having someone to support you through the process makes it feel not so overwhelming, and gently pushes you to continue on, even when it gets too much. Having someone who has been through it themselves, who knows how it feels, to know the struggles is not only a comfort but a driving force knowing that it can actually be done. That there is hope.

Getting a diagnosis doesn’t mean you need to be medicated, it just means you have a definitive answer...

Do I have ADHD or not? You might say that it doesn’t matter, but it really does.

It stops the constant questioning in your mind, and it also gives you the opportunity to actually say “I have ADHD” its definitive. And for an ADHD brain, that is exactly what it needs.

This is a program that I believe in, and with my personal help, I want to take the stress and anxiety out of this process for you.

What to Expect

You will work with me over 3 weeks in 3 seperate online sessions.

We will cover:

Why you think you have ADHD and the common symptoms?

Why its so important to gain a diagnosis and how it can change your life?

Why it feels like such a scary and overwhelming process?

How to overcome your limiting beliefs and gain confidence going into the process.

A step by step plan for getting your diagnosis.

What to expect from each of your Dr appointments.

How to manage and work through your feelings during the appointments and the whole process?

You will get support and guidance throughout this process from myself directly.

I want you to gain control over your life, and learn how ADHD can work for you rather than against you.

I’d really love to help you.

Lets tackle this head on together. Pun intended!!!

Anita x



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