Symptoms of ADHD in Girls

The common symptoms of ADHD in Girls and why these symptoms are commonly overlooked and how our girls fly under the radar.

ADHD in Girls

  • Anxiety

  • Needs to know what is going to happen in a new situation

  • Worries about others

  • Extremely Empathetic

  • Intuitive

  • Very observant

  • Can freeze in situations when they don't know what to do and panic

  • People Pleasing - Always wants to help out at home or school - Teacher thinks they are a model student

  • Loves Praise

  • Perfectionist - Gets frustrated when things aren't done "perfectly"

  • Emotional Dysregulation - Tantrums, emotional reaction that doesn't fit the situation

  • Binge eating - Sometimes not knowing when they've had enough of something

  • Extremely forgetful

  • Can either be very outgoing or "dramatic" or can be a wallflower and go with the flow trying to go unnoticed

  • Can have trouble maintaining friendships

  • Messy OR have OCD tendencies - one extreme to the other - Messy room or leaves many areas messy

  • Never knows where anything is

  • Talkative - Tell long stories

  • Talking fast

  • Always starting something, then moving on to something else without packing away

  • Always distracted

  • Imaginative play

  • Always in their own little world

  • Always needing things to be fair

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